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We deliver an entertaining lesson on trench food, students prepare and cook breakfast ww1 style


We recently did cookery demonstration's at Beamish Village, a Heritige site in the north of England, showing how food was cooked and served during ww1

Planning a history lesson, or educational event; consider in interactive fun session

Cooking breakfast on stoves using ww1 stoves.

We bring, original stoves, ingredients, and mess tins to allow learners to  participate in cooking trench food using minimal fuel, and improvised cooking

"Brilliant,students really enjoyed the experience" Andrew Robinson Curriculum anager Tresham College

Students from Tresham College ,Northamptonshire, making toast on a candle, for breakfast ww1 style

Students from Tresham College, Northamptonshire enjoying making toast on a candle, part of breakfast meal ww1 style 

Breakfast ww1 with a twist

breakfasts ww1 with a twist.

Fancy a healthy trench breakfast, yes healthy. Give pongos trench a try!

this breakfast was made using ww1 recipes and methods

Weddings using historical Props and catering


Considering your special day, let Pongos Trench bring a bit of history to your special day

Freqently asked questions?


1. Do you charge a fee? it Depends on the event. Each school has an education budget that we try and stick to, but yes the fee includes, all the equipment instruction and food that we use.